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"If you can't read, don't write down things you need to remember." - Irtza
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Irtza's Away Messages
Try When giving up fails, try.
Wait! Just wait right there! I'll be back no later than a day or 2... a week tops
doing other things I am not here now
Busy doing other things
Will be back later.
fought reality I would respond, but I fought reality and won
haiku death Death is a passage.
It takes you to the next step.
I don't want to go.
haiku food I am now hungry.
There is plenty of food here.
It will soon be gone.
haiku freedom You fight for freedom.
Yet you do not have any.
One must wonder why.
haiku wait Do not go away
I will be back in minutes
No more than a week
making away messages Can you believe I took the time to come up with this away message? Its a fairly simple task of saying that I am not here, and the default message already does it, yet here this is. I mean, this isn't even funny or enlightening. Its just a testament to how low humanity has come. But anyways, I'm not here right now. Just hang around at your computer and wait for the icon to say otherwise.
user unavailable I regret to inform you that this is an automated reply stating that the user of this account is currently unavailable for conversation. Please IM safely.
Practice test Taking a practice test... just not sure where I am taking it...
entropy sorry, fighting entropy.... losing bad, need... help... send... backup... now...
exciting default sorry, I ran out... once I figure out what I ran out of, I may come back... if its too scary of an idea to return, then I won't come back... but otherwise, yes I will come back... as for when... that's hard to say... or more likely, its easy to say and I am just doing an aweful job of actually doing it... what was I talking about?
food I am in the process of increasing my stored energy reserves.
fried brain Sorry, can't talk... brain is fried... like it wants to have a headache but forgot how.
haiku You send a message
I reply with this haiku
For you to enjoy
have an away message I have changed my away message to this!
no reply for you No reply for you! Come back - 10 minutes!
routing There has been an error in routing your message to its destination. The [messenger_client] is not located at [messenger_client]'s usual location. Please resend message until this message disappears.
running errands I am running errands because it is easier than running laps
those who can Those who can do, those who can't complain on IM about not being able to.